Crusoe had it easy happily ever after

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Crusoe had it easy is one of the best adult flash games that are available on the Internet. If you have played Crusoe had it easy, then you will be heading out for Crusoe had it easy walkthroughand Crusoe had it easy cheats. Well, we will provide the same in this article.

Crusoe had it easy is an adult flash game that is available online on many browser games websites.

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The game can either be played online or can be downloaded on the local storage. Crusoe had it easy and Douchebag Workout 2 are two of the best flash games that can be played in the browser.

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Crusoe had it easy to follows the story of a boy and his cousin who get trapped in a remote island. However, the plane crashes in the sea and the character loses all his things including his laptops and clothes. The main player wears a trunk in the whole game but it is one of the Non-Visible characters. Whereas, Sophie his cousin wears a hand made bikini and is a visible character in the game. The player has to hunt, fish, and prepare food for his cousin but most of the time, he keeps in mind not to cross the lines as Sophie is his cousin.

The game covers many gaming genres. The last update of the game came way back in The latest version is the last and final version that will be ever made. Out the main character is a nerdy guy who likes to play adult flash games which he mentioned in the game. The game has several endings that a user can find difficult to discover. We will list Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthrough for all the endings and will provide you with Crusoe had it easy cheats to make your way easier to the ending.

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Some of the users remain satisfied after achieving one or two endings. While most of the curious players have a habit to discover each and every part of the game.

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With our quick guide to Crusoe had it easy walkthrough, you can easily complete all the endings and experience them yourself, right on your desktop screen. The game has a total of seven endings and each of them comes with a different conclusion and rank factor.

Here is the list of all the seven endings of the game that an individual can achieve. The ending can be achieved by treating Sophie as a normal cousin. Do not cook for her, do not go on a walk with her, do not stay with her, etc. This is one of the shortest endings in Crusoe had it an easy game. To achieve this, do not be nice to her and treat her badly. Do not cook food for her, do not go on a walk with her, and do not stay with her.

This is the most time-consuming endings and it probably the longest predefined ending in the game. To achieve this ending, do not cook the food for her.

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The moss grows in a part of the forest, so you have to grab it when you see it. Then, you have to cook food for her and then contaminate the food with the moss. To achieve this ending, you need to cook food for Sophie, do not go out on the night walk with her, and have to tell Sophie that her Bikini has been undone. To get the Regrets ending, you need to be a straight kid and not cross the limit. Tell Sophie about her bikini slips and go to the forest after that. There are a of Crusoe had it easy cheats and codes for Crusoe had it an easy game.

We have listed all of them in an order to help you get a better figure. Crusoe had it easy is one of the best games that is massively appraised by the players.

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Crusoe had it easy happily ever after

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