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Looking incredible just a few complains such as a few spelling and grammar errors. The biggest complaint I have is how big of a tease the demo, I mean with the neat story and all of the mechanics explained just to have it end right there kinda a dick move but I understand.

Elana, Champion of Lust. Resume of Chapter 1 and 2.

Also the complaint with the demo isn't much of a complaint. One suggestion I have is that when the game is released there be a skip button to skip to the game play. I can not wait for the release, great start to a great looking game. Sorry about that, we didn't figure it out before we ed. Probably we should put a little more action at the end of it but don't worry it will be a lot more soon. We were trying to do a presentatin of the game but nicer than just an explanation. For the rest, it will be skip butons on next version and we are working on correct the language. Thanks for comment :. Thanks for the offer.

We already have someone helping us.

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However if you still see some mistakes or grammar issues, feel free to send us a message and tell us :p. Not planned. But we thougth she, at some point, could cast some minions. Maybe it could be some power or potion to change her gender. We'll think about it.

If so can we expect some gay male content? Asking, because many devs ignore it I know only about 3 devs that implemented it. We are not closed to add gay male content but it isn't included on our plans yet. If someone ask for it as a reward for their support on our patreon we will add it or, while the project progresses, we see there is a ificant demand of it, we will make some. It's planed on some point that she's able to half merge the spirit to use it like some kind of magic strapon. Yeah please do not add any gay scenes. Instead make it an optional choice in the option menu and also loving the title pic of the blog!

You need to update the one on CDG. Not enough demand on internet yet and far to much work to even start thinking on it without that demand and no one asked from our patreon options but if some day that's the case we'll be an optional choice. About the CDG it's not up to us, if they want to it they can do it. We'll maybe send a message to ask for it eventually. Don't know.

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We want to make a lot of content and for now we can't work full time on it. Moving forward. You can se more ore less where we are with the descriptions of the alpha and the plans for each month. Maybe we can finish first part of the game until Elana will have to evole. The game will have somthing like 3 chapters, following her evolutions in months. I hope you guys don't decide to give up on it, I very much liked this game, and I am very looking forward to when it is complete! Just played the newly public released version 1.

I don't mind redoing everything, it just it gets annoying after a while, and it takes about hours just to complete the game at where its mostly done right now Would be a good idea. Also, when will the next version be released to the public? I just love this game! It's awesome!

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And will you be adding any new areas like the mountains? Supposedly where the mountain elves live. Just want to continue playing this game, it's so much fun! But I can wait for it. Glad you like it. The thing with the saving is since we are still doing structure changes save files from precious versions give a lot of errors, but we'll figure out somthing in future.

Next version will be released at the end of this month or the begining of next one and yes we are planing to add more areas and sub-areas. When will the next update be publicly released and how can I get early access to the Patron version that comes with the public released version? Can't find you guys on Patreon, so I have no idea how to become a Patron Nvm about the other question, just saw that Support button, and that brought me to your Patreon gameeven though I still can't find you guys on it manually.

Also including the other question for asking about how to get early access Already know that stuff. Thanks for your support. I still want to know when the next update is though, game is great! Can't wait for the next update! Elana champion of lust full game of that is that I'm still able to play the newer versions of another game called Simbro, though I aint a Patron for them yet, I can still play the version that's supposed too be for Patrons Cause, y'know, Early Access n stuffLol.

Awesome stuff, keep it up, cant wait to see what it will become at the end, hope for plenty of "evolution" for her hehe ;D. Hi riroc. We don't have a paysafecards acount but if you want send us an e-mail to elanachampionoflust gmail. If you do, we will send you your corresponding reward same as if you were a patron to the provided e-mail adress.

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Not on next alpha public release but soon. I was wondering when the next public release will be and the next question is when the game is finally done is it going to be free? Next public release it's goint to be in early July and yes, the game it's going to be free.

I was just thinking if there will be females with small er breasts too? A game were they only have melone sized boobs is kinda frustrating as a girl. And will there be a little BDSM feitish too? I do not often read the whole text in a sex game but i did in this one. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the finished game. Well, the queen and the tween bards are going to have small breasts, and also the plain villagers have a more average size there was planed one smaller but for now it stay like this for lavor saving.

We are even thinking to remove another size type because of that. But this is something that shuld not frustrate you, most of penis are bottle of wine sized too but this is fiction, fantasy porn drawn, we are making this exaggerated on purpose to compensate a little it is not reality. And yes, will be some bdsm. And thanks, glad you like it. Probably in a few days, before the end of the month. Also we've made a hotfix on the alpha 0. It will not take long. The programmer is working hard on it so please be patient.

Dude its pm hurry up you said it was going to be today and i have work tomorrow at 7AM so whats the big hold up like come on hire another programmer if he cant handle all of this himself you got to be prepared for new updates not wait. Maybe it's not much and seems smaller because the big picture of what that elana champion of lust full game can be but we already explained what it was going to be in it one month ago as we just done now for the alpha released for patrons.

We'll keep working to make it grow as soon as it's possible. You can keep playing but nothing new will appear. When will Version 0. Keep up the impressive Workshop. End of this month or begining of next.

Elana champion of lust full game

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