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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Nonesuch Scientist. Aug 27, 2, 3, Feel I should throw this up here, because undoubtedly more than a few people here will get a kick out of it.

Pros: It's good, and is being added to all the time. If you don't like that, don't bother. Couch Scientist Creator.

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Aug 26, 1, And here I thought you were going to tell us about this one weird trick the real estate industry doesn't want you to know that gets you FREE cities. Arc Member. Aug 27, 8 0 Free Cities is pretty good from a dom perspective. The creator's work either is super respectable too. He updates almost every day. Of course such a pace can't be kept up forever, but it's still cool to see.

In regards to the game itself, you can be really fucking nasty to your poor slaves, but I'm such a pansy, I can never choose any outside of the nicest options lol. Klaptrap Well-Known Member. Aug 27, Click to expand So this is literally a unicorn, you mean? It's pretty rare is what I mean. A maledom game that's not low quality or abandoned is something to take note off.

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It's strange how few decent maledom games there are, given that that is what the majority of porn is orientated towards. At a guess I'd say that many games come about as a result of frustration at the lack of representation of a particular fetish or orientation in real life, either because it's more niche or because it's basically impossible - such as femdom and futa. That may well change as smut games become a more widely used platform. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, Titus Active Member.

Aug 30, 26 0. I gotta say i'd like this game alot better if he didn't go the whole shemale route or at least made it so you can opt out of sissifying guys. I personally prefer my guys to be guys and girls to be girls. To call a he a she is kinda gross in my mind.

Of course this hasnt stopped me from logging days of play time over the last week and a half. Thanks for the scouting, its a pretty good find. Nov 1, 31 You can opt out. There's an option on the New Game screen which controls the gender proportions. You can exclude almost all males from appearing in your game whether via auctions, random events, or as part of your initial roster.

If one manages to sneak through due to sloppy codeyou can just decline to purchase him. If you mean "I want male slaves in my game, but I want them free cities sex game remain intact and masculine" then the official answer is "no.

It would also require some finicky coding, on top of a codebase which is already fairly bloated and disorganized. Sep 10, 2, Moscow, RF. The management parts are highly addictive, and the ' just one more turn' syndrom is there.

However the level of casual evil on display puts me off hard, and sex descriptions free cities sex game super exciting. Tinman Well-Known Member. Aug 30, Tinman said:. The casual evil is kind of part of the game. It's a typical "post-apocalypse people are selfish" motif, except with economic power being the drive rather than the drug seeking raiders of Fallout or the cannibalistic demi-humans of The Road.

The fact that it is presented so casually also helps to undercut the fact that you are breaking people's wills and minds to make them loyal sex slaves. In that aspect, I would compare this game to the horsecocked herms of Fenoxo's games.

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While they will drive some people away, they're casual enough to introduce others to a new fetish that doesn't necessarily have to be extreme to be enjoyed. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, What were you expecting? It's a game about forcing people into sexual slavery in order to gain wealth and prestige. The basic premise is evil. You could offer SlaveMaker as a counter-example, because it presented a similar society but allowed a much "friendlier" playstyle. I'm not sure that I'd rate it as "less evil" though.

On the one hand, you're convincing a girl to fear you so that she'll follow orders.

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On the other hand, you're conving her to love you so that she'll follow orders. If the orders are odious, and if she wouldn't have followed them prior to your emotional manipulation, then the distinction is kinda moot. I'll concede that it would be nice to see a greater diversity of roles within the game. We could plausibly see skills or even "career paths" focusing on domestic service, nursing, childcare, and entertainment e.

This could help to fill out the setting surely an arcology comprises more than just slave-owners and whores! The codebase is already somewhat strained, and each increase in scope makes it harder to maintain.

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Is free cities sex game the sort of content that you're looking for? Do you object to the fact that you're compelled by game mechanics to perform free cities sex game and violent actions -- and hence you'd be okay with the game if there was a non-rapey way to proceed? Or is your discomfort broader than that e. What I'd like is having more options for focusing on managing your community. For roleplaying as a semi-decent person who just happened to become a slave-owner and tries to make the best of this for himself and his charges, since the setting is grim enough to allow for many situations where enslaving someone can be a way of helping.

Right now, I think that the game is objectively good, has an impressive development rate, but isn't very enjoyable for me outside of pure management sim aspects. Nov 21, 3 0. Just dropping by to give my opinion on the game after playing it for a decent amount of time. I'd say while it gives you some options to be pretty mean to your slavegirls, it does not encourage it or force you to do it.

I played several times on varying difficulties and was never forced to amputate a girls limbs or even mute her just to gain an advantage. Confinement works best on rebellious slaves in my experience. From a perverts point of view, its not even that satisfying, as the game is overall not very descriptive. I'd say it is a rather good not perfect kind of economy sim with a really dark sexual theme.

But you wont be traumatized, even if you dont like extreme content. Nebula Fox Well-Known Member. Aug 26, 1 In the few most recent updates, the author's allowed you to choose what your chest is male or femalewhat your genitals are cock or pussy and what your title is Master or Mistress as well as your name, which is pretty sweet. LordAemord Member. Dec 1, 8 0. LordAemord said:. Hey man I just thought I should let you know that FC has added a lot of new options in regards to the community management. After the slave master reaches a certain point of renown you get the option to influence the Arcology through either money, or the example set by you with your slaves.

You can have three different focuses for your society. There is also the option to create an evil slaver business empire with some minor stock management options. Basically the game is getting pretty damn crazy. Though the casual evil is still everywhere. And a couple options that are available for the societal directions are paternalism, body purity, big "assists" at any cost, etc.

As well as options to mimic Ancient Rome and Egypt. Savin Master Analmander Staff member. Aug 26, 5, 7,

Free cities sex game

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Free Cities Game