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Open a pull request to contribute your changes upstream. A list of tools, sites, downlo, software, etc. I maintain this by myself with the help with some others like Tasky Lizard and Le Fishe. It is updated constantly if I need to update something, or remove something. I also add stuff as well every now and then if I discover something sweet. I do not recommend The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents at all due to how easy it is to pick up malware.

Best site overall: CS. RU - Steam Underground Community - Best place for game torrents reddit game, this should be the first place you check. Does not allow Scene releases. Oculus Quest users can download games from this thread on CS. RU forum. This post is also helpful. For a good alternative to CS. The Telegram is better since it has more content and provides downlo. Discord is inactive for a good amount of some days, so I would recommend the Telegram. All listed below are trusted repackers with no malware.

Top choice: JDownloader2.

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Best quality overall: Real Debrid. These don't help much with online piracy, but will make your browsing much more private and safe. Using a privacy-focused DNS can speed up your browsing experience as well as make your network traffic more secure. They can also prevent you from your ISP snooping around on what sites you are going to and what you are doing on your web searches which is good for Piracy.

More trusted DNS providers can be found here. You can get caught from your ISP. Free VPNs aren't worth it and always find a way to make money off of you, whether its from logging, spyware, tracking, you name it! Anybody caught linking a website the moderators deem unsafe will have their comments removed in order to keep people safe on the subreddit!

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A curated list of awesome places for Pirated Games and tools for them! Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Launching Visual Studio Code Your codespace will open once ready. This branch is 36 commits ahead, 27 commits behind taskylizard:main. This branch is 36 commits ahead of taskylizard:main. Open pull request. Latest commit. Git stats 59 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. Jun 24, Create Trackers. May 13, View code. What are Torrents? Other noteworthy mentions: X - Has lots of content, well moderated.

RuTor - Russian Torrent Tracker with many games, mostly repacks. RuTracker - Russian Torrent Forum. One of the best sites to get games that are good in quality and well-seeded.

These ARE the Top 10 Best Torrent Websites in 2021.

Rustorka - Russian Torrent Tracker. Tapochek - Russian Torrent Tracker. Tuttop - Russian Torrent site that has many well-seeded torrents that are normally kept up-to-date. TorrentMac - Mac Torrents. MacDrop - Mac Torrents. Jackett qBittorrent. Paid Games that don't require a Pirated Version to play! These games normally have community remakes, source ports, alternative versions, etc.

Provides a little bit of a fresh new experience, fixes problems with the original games, and game torrents reddit very good. Provides server lists, dedicated servers, online gameplay, and customizabale options for your gameplay.

Its pretty good and feels a bit like the original game with fixes, refreshment, better graphics, etc. Their official website provides more details. I only have the Windows Version of this game available including the mouse moving fix patch Without this patch, it would make the game completely unplayable. In this game, you play as a marine fighting against the evil, Alien forces in Karnak, Egypt that killed the people there and turned them into egyption themed mosters like Anubis Headed Men, Mummies, Leopard Monsters, etc.

You’re trapped in the most recent video game you played. What game is it and how screwed are you?

Another thing about this game is that there are powerups that give you special abilities and cool stats. No up is required for downlo. Mobilism - Mobile apps and games. MyAbandonware - Mostly consists of free downlo for old, retro, and abandoned games that aren't sold in official stores like Steam, Epic, GOG, etc.

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Ovagames - DDL Games. This site is good and has a lot of up-to-date stuff, sometimes you might see some unsafe ers from the unsafe or untrusted list, if that's the case, don't go for that download and pick another option or a different site instead. From repacks made by their own community to pre-installations and cracks. GamesNostalgia - Classic, Retro computer games that are pre-installed.

Sometimes game files are missing in some pre-installations but its a safe site and I actually quite enjoy it. Emulators are included with pre-installations with notes from GamesNostalgia.

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Good quality Xatab - Now deceased Repacker. Has good quality repacks. Catalyst - Torrents R. Mechanics - Torrents R.

Game torrents reddit

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