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We've been loving playing the forest but we're just about done with it after sinking probably 60 hours in to it. What other games in this style collaborative multiplayer would you recommend without being basically the same game eg 7 days to die. Any genre really.

The mechanical depth of the game is pretty amazing for something that looks pretty innocent. Also really punishing so don't expect to survive the winter on your first run. A team wipe means that you lose and the save is gone so if you don't like punishing games skip this one.

You might also end up occasionally reading the wiki.

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For new players you can always just roll back your server to get a better understanding of the game if you get to a good point. Whatever the valkyrie girl is, she is bae. So freaking strong, best weapon and armor in game and she starts with it.

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I actually bought Forest cause it reminded me of Dying Light. Astroneer is what I'm playing now after beating The Forest twice. Its not terrifying but actually a really chill game focused on resource gathering, base building, and exploration. Can have up to 4 people in a game atm, possibly more in the future with dedicated servers. Plus 1. Its awesome. Ive really like Stranded Deep.

Its alot more of a casual survivor game. Essentially Cast Away the game but ive really enjoyed it. Online multiplayer is coming eventually.

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The multiplayer version is on sale too! Ark survival evolved would be my go-to chill game, you can tailor the gameplay to your needs. Chill game? O man ur wrong.

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Ark is one of the most infuriating games. Advice for OP : if you want it to be chill with just your friends, get your own server. If that's just you and a matey, you might want to simply host a "lan" game through VPN Hamachi did the trick for my mate and I.

Ark can be frustrating because of you working hours towards a certain goal and someone ruining it while you are offline. If your idea is to meet random people during your adventure though Okay, give the public servers a go but don't be surprised by the toxicity. ARK is a great game, if you play with increased everything, unless you wanna spend 12 days taming something. I would recommend it though too!

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Me and a buddy who came from years of wc3 together started out with Raft and then found ourselves into The Forest. I suggest trying out Raft, especially after the new update they just released. Recommended similar but not too similar style multiplayer games to The Forest? Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Don't starve together The mechanical depth of the game is pretty amazing for something that looks pretty innocent. Wes is the obvious first time pick because Wes is bae. Continue this thread. It is pretty good.

Can't wait for the second opus. Its not multiplayer, but Subnautica is definitely a good game. And they just released their expansion beta Below Zero. There is a fan made multi-player mod in development. Keep an eye on the progress of Nitrox that's its name. Great game if you love dinos and building! Conan Exiles is next on our list. The Long Dark Haven't tried it though.

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Games like the forest reddit

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Games like The Forest