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How do I get the rounded token? It says to hypotize the cop O'Shay, but I don't think she can be hypnotized.

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I really have to fix that janky ZZZ quote Ok thanks, by the way. To get bone token it says slave throw to flee and to get sunken token it says marry????. What do those mean? Incubus city game not sure what qualifies as 'lore', but play it and let me know what you think. Yes, but I barely use Discord. I don't really understand Discord tbh, will probably figure it out once I start a patreon. Playing on android.

Running into the midnight merchant causes a block. The image is always in front of the options and there is no way to do anything besides reload. Is there anyway around this? I don't have a way of testing it directly, but I will put something in the code that will hopefully address the issue so you can at least see some of and click on the links. I can't promise it will look great. New version within a week. Get two different marriages in ending 2. It doesn't track the ones you got before this version unfortunately.

Play the game long enough and you will encounter a character who will do it. Otherwise you can sell certain things on the main screen righthand sidebar but you aren't guaranteed to find a buyer. This was an oversight on my part. The next patch I'll release will address it. Will have it out in a few days maybe.

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Could you tell us the name of Joy, and her daughters They are credited in the About section button in left column. As for the mod, you'd have to contact its creator and ask him. What is supposed to happen when you get all tokens and what is the red dossier that you buy from fence supposed to do.

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There's no grand conclusion to the token thing just yet, but there will be. The dossier just does the graphical representation of your pregs in the sidebar, not super useful. Looks to be a bug in the 'other sluts' marriage scenario. When you play it and select it as your marriage option while a Prince, it doesn't get removed from the list meaning you can never actually move past it. Seems to have something to do with the absence of the capture tags in their selection list.

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K good. I believe you're describing one of the bugs I since fixed. Get the 1. And please let me know if it does or does not, thanks! There is an error on the dirty cop ending. Hi I'm playing version 1. After putting the chemical canister and banging all girls I return to the employee-only hallway and snoop around again and then their is no way out.

When talking to girls on dating sites, is it just a random chance that the conversation will miss or hit? Random, but based on your stats. The higher your levels, incubus city game better you'll do. Get "Looking to the Future" ending a lot of times, maybe 15? It's a reward for people who got pissed off from always getting that stupid ending. I am super confused regarding Shinoa, I believe her name is.

How do I make contact with her? I just lose her in the crowd every time. Any hints or help? You have to go on the internet incubus city game. I should probably put some hint in the game, it's not super clear I admit. Yeah I for some reason never put a link on this to the explanatory. Sorry about that. Lemme know if it can be worded more clearly. I could never find her name, she's from some college girl series I think. Never works properly on my mac, all the gifs are missing. It works on PC in most browsers, and some play it on Android.

Did you fully unzip it, like the whole file structure? I got it working, downloaded it again and this time placed it in it's own folder instead of with other files and it worked. I am Korean, and having fun translating this game into Google translation. Thank you for making a good game. Although the game has been played for a long time, this kind of chemistry is hard to find.

Oh I'm sorry, didn't answer your question. Some of the game starts let you have a family: wife, daughters, etc. You can now interact with them, and there's a bit of new content related to them. Thank you for your reply. I knew that part was added, but I thought there was another interaction. Incubus City is a good game. It is also expecting a follow-up. Have a good day! I'm sorry to contact you again, but I can't download version 1. Hello, Im new to this Html gaming thing, i downloaded the game to both my andriod device and my lapton and tried to run it on chrome.

But the images and gif dont seem to like show? Is there any solution for this? You have to fully unzip the folder structure.

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The html file has to sit in a folder with images, mods and styles as subfolders of that folder. To play it on Android, here are instructions someone else wrote: 1. Extract files from zip. I seem to be missing something with unlocking the SlaveTrader Beginning. Still no Trader. You have to have the 'mercantile' token. I think that's the one you get when you encounter the slave traders and do business with them. See the wiki for more info. I've been thinking, would you be interested in having someone revise the game's script?

Since I really enjoy the game, I'd be more than willing to do it, free of charge. If incubus city game like me to, just let me know and we can talk. Sure Cristiano, I'm definitely a sloppy writer at times and would appreciate pointing out stuff like typos and bad wording.

Hello Wape, i'm having trouble getting the beginning "momma's boy" no matter what i do i can't get it. Not sure if I'm missing something That shouldn't be the case!

Incubus city game

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