Jacobs rebound game

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In the world of professional sports, stars are quickly born and fade with every passing season.

Sutton bangs home rebound of Jacobs shot! McApline picks up an Apple!

Jacob Moore was a young prospect slated as the next MVP of his team's franchise. Jacob backed up those claims on the court and was soon on his way until the fame went to his head. The drinking, the partying, and, of course, the women all got in the way of his practicing and his future. With his erratic and sometimes violent behavior becoming unbearable, the league was left with no choice but to ban him for life.

Ideal Rebound Game from the 70s \u0026 80s - the ultimate collection

Jacob fought to win his case, but their ruling was final and Jacob soon blew through his money trying to live his lavish lifestyle. But seeing the end of the road, he decided to use his remaining money to open a gym and sober himself up. And with his new life ahead of him in a city full of opportunity, there is plenty of chances for Jacob to find new success and perhaps even some love along the way. It includes:.

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Jacobs rebound game

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Jeff Jacobs: From Hamden to Texas and back, Quinnipiac gets Kevin Marfo on the rebound