Waifu simulator 2.0

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Access to Pony Waifu Sim releases 2 days early for testing. us in a patron-only Discord server. You discuss the question and what it could mean. Early access to ALL projects.

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Vote in development polls. About StudioWhy. Check us out at StudioWhy. More to come in the future Dynamic character dates with branching dialogue! Many different areas to explore and items to click on or collect! Rename-able characters and custom themes! Minigames and puzzles! Planned Content: Unique adult scenes for each character!

Roblox Script Showcase Episode#1572/Waifu Cat Girl

Many more dates with unique adventures, puzzles, and challenges! Town events you can take your waifu s to! H ead pats, boops, and brushie brushie! Eventual additional characters with their own scenes to date!

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Who are we? StudioWhy is a small team of artists, animators, programmers, and other content creators working every day to bring you wonderful waifus to date! With your help, we can focus on crafting this game into an unforgettable, fun, and sexy adventure Full Time We can dedicate ificantly more time to our projects, and hire additional help where needed.

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Waifu simulator 2.0

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