Wands and witches game

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Magic wands - How to use wand magic \u0026 wand DIY

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Every Single Wand Wood Type (ALL 38) - Harry Potter Wandlore Explained

Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Add to collection. WaW Community Devlog. Nov 07, It took a lot longer than we expected.

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However, we have released a new public build of our game. What can we say?

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You have not waited in vain. This update is ve Apr 25, A new public version is ready. Despite the fact that this version includes only half of the initially planned content, it is already quite large. As I wrote ea Dec 17, Thanks to your bug reports, we were able to fix many bugs in the public version. So we decided to make a separate build with a bugfix as v. We really do n Dec 07, This is a fresh public version of our game. We did it longer than expected, but it's ready.

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Despite the fact that there are not many quests in this version Jul 06, I know that you waited a long time, but we released another public version. We did not continue the main storyline, so the game still ends on Decembe Mar 09, We worked hard to release a new version as early as possible.

It took less time than usual, because the script was ready in advance. And the size of this ve Jan 19, This release is mainly a patch. Also, we made some improvements to the gameplay.

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Let me tell you in more detail. First, we added an indicator that shows you Jan 12, Here it is - the long awaited public version. Main changes compared to public version: - We added eleven new quests and several interactive eve I accidentally skipped the monster hunting quest with her and she will not talk to me now.

Is there any way to fix this? Improving Flight Skill. Where can I increase my flight skill, so that I can attend the flight course? I did not find a way to increase it yet. Android gestures support. Hi and Merry Xmas! I have just downloaded Wands and Witches to my Android 10 phone. Game runs very well except two thing I cant download.

When I try to download it closes everything. Zabini Questline.

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Can't leave the bookstore. In the prologue, I can't leave the bookstore. The robe shop has an 'Exit' and the other shops have you leave when you ch Is Hermione's Quest Bug? I finished the quest for several time and it still continue is it bug or i'm doing something wrong? New version? I'm glad there's a sandbox game set in the Harry Potter universe, but one wish to see are more characters added in the f How can I avoid being expelled. I have the problem of being expelled since I am missing cookies how to avoid being expelled.

Wand enlargement. I raised my potion skills high enough to trigger the quest but now it says i need to talk to someone with more experienc Is there any mirror for the pc ver How to install it. I have downloaded the game but I don't know how to install it on Linux Mint. Can someone help me? The repeating quest scene with Hermione should be more zoomed in. Hi, I think that the final repeating quest scene with Hermione should be a bit more zoomed in. The game is great tho. How to get Hermione and Lavender to the sundew.

I have them both wands and witches game I can sleep with them but the option for the sundew never comes up, any thoughts? New topic.

Wands and witches game

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Wands and Witches Cheats Codes (Console Commands)